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We have in-house specialists covering pension, investment and mortgage matters and other related financial requirements. Please click here for our Range of Services.

In the complicated world of finance, WFS prides itself on jargon-free, clear solutions for your financial planning needs. This often involves working with your solicitor, accountant or other professionals to achieve the best result for you, your family or company.

WFS has clients all over the UK. In addition, some clients are offshore either due to retirement abroad or on long-term contracts with their work. Subject to personal circumstances, WFS can usually help with crucial financial planning issues wherever you are based.

When appropriate all clients are seen confidentially at an initial meeting without charge or obligation. Some clients are assisted over the telephone, e-mail or by post if more convenient.

Please phone 01932 842532 or click here to arrange your meeting or have an initial discussion to see if we can help you.